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Ben Ribble
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Hi, I’m Ben! I teach at a small rural elementary school in central Illinois. Being blessed with technology and support from my team, I’ve taken to the web to help others see the value of tech in the classroom.

What is Teacher Tech Academy?

TTA was born out of the idea that teachers have a lot of things on their plates, and finding useful technology should not be one of those things. At TTA, we scour the internet looking for relative, engaging, and useful tech for the classroom. Then, we test the product/tool and evaluate its usefulness in the everyday classroom. Is it easy to use? Does it create less work for the teacher? Is it inexpensive, or better yet FREE? These are all questions we ask when assessing tech.

After a thorough review, we share these resources via our blog. Normally, this will include a video overview or tutorial to walk teachers through getting started with the new tech tool.

Sometimes, we find that a more in-depth training is needed to gain the full benefit of the tech tool. In these cases, we offer premium training options. Premium training usually takes one of two forms – Live/Recorded Webinars or In-Person Coaching. Check out our Premium Coaching page for more information.

Teacher Tech Academy Goals:

Identify & Assess Quality Tech for the Classroom

Continually Share Relevant Resources & Tutorials

Provide Premium Training through Webinars & In-person Coaching

Who Am I?

My name is Ben Ribble. I’m a 5th-grade teacher at a small rural district in central Illinois. I’ve had a love of all things technology since I was very young. That love manifests itself in my everyday teaching. I’ve found that I enjoy researching and reviewing different tech tools in my classroom. Better yet, my students enjoy it! They love getting to use technology, especially when adding the technological component makes the task more fun, allows for more creativity, or simply makes it more engaging.

I currently hold a Level 1 & Level 2 Google Certified Educator endorsement. In an effort to set myself apart from others offering Google training, I’m currently pursuing certification as a Google Certified Trainer.

Featured Publications

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