Struggle with productivity? Is email a GIANT TIME SUCKER? Ever wish you could send an email away to return when you are more likely to deal with it? Gmail have you wishing you could schedule emails to send at a later date or time?

You are in LUCK! A great productivity hack to accomplish all of your wishes is available – AND IT’S FREE!! Check out Boomerang for Gmail, today!


Check out the video below to learn how Boomerang for Gmail can help you.

Yup! You can send those emails away without a thought (right now).

If you’re like me, every once in a while you look at your email and realize that you need to answer one, but now is not the right time. Maybe you don’t have the time. Or, maybe, you are not in the right headspace to respond to an email from a parent. Whatever the reason, Boomerang for Gmail lets you send emails away – into the abyss – until you are prepared to deal with them. The flexibility of this tool allows you to choose the best date and time for the email to reappear. Or, it will randomly choose for you.

Send Later? It’ll do that, too!

Let me set the scene for you… You work your butt off all day at school. You come home, do some chores, fix a meal for you and/or your kids. You finally sit down on your couch and decided to finish grading some papers or lesson plans or… you get the idea. You peek in your inbox and find an email from a student’s parent. You have the time, energy, and clarity of mind to respond. Right before you hit the send button you FREEZE, realizing that if you send now you may compromise your “office hours” expectations this parent has for you (we’ve all dealt with that parent). You COULD leave it in your drafts folder and try to remember to send it the next morning, but with the hustle and bustle of morning prep, duty, or meetings, you’re likely to forget. What is a teacher to do?!?

With Boomerang for Gmail, you can schedule your email to send at a later date and time. You can even schedule recurring emails. Do you chair a committee that meets every other Thursday? You could easily set up a recurring email to remind your team that you will be meeting (who wouldn’t appreciate that?).

When it comes to productivity, Boomerang for Gmail gets two thumbs-up from TeacherTechAcademy!


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